We’d like to welcome all those who have linked to our site and gladly share our resources. Mulberry is a terrific school that offers many different programs designed to help all of our students succeed. Everyone on staff takes a personal investment in delivering the best education, with an unwavering sense of dedication. The students of Room 21 are proud members of this family, just as I am proud to be their teacher. Together, we learn from each other, grow academically, work cooperatively to achieve our individual goals, and even manage to have a little fun along the way.
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Want to access the text books online?To make things easier for our students. The majority of our textbooks can now be found online. So long as you can access the Internet, you can now read every page free online.        
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WONDERS is our new language arts series and its pretty comprehensive. It also has a significant amount of resources available online. Some teachers may even assign homework online, while others may be taking their assessments on chromebooks! Simply click on the book for a link to our classroom's website! 
a drawing of a cartoon characterENVISION Math - this online book comes with an animated glossary of necessary vocabulary and concepts, lots of eTools and even a tutorial section in English and Spanish. Students can even download worksheets and homework from this site. To go to the website CLICK HERE
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a person standing in front of a sign REFLECTION S - This is our  social studies book and not only is the entire book online, but it will also read all content to you. This will help with a lot of the vocabulary some students may find difficult.It also has a terrific glossary and students can explore The Learning Site links. To go to the website CLICK HERE
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Currently, our science text is not available online. Sorry you’ll have take that one home.
Want to know what materials you’ll need for fifth grade?
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MR. YBARRA’S CLASSROOM WEBSITE This will link you to our classroom’s website. From there you may choose any subject area or to learn more about our classroom. All of these sites are designed to offer activities, resources and valuable information not only for my students and their parents, but for any who choose to visit.
The materials, information and links are meant to be practical, useful and yet fun and are routinely being updated. We hope you enjoy visiting these sites and find something interesting. Please email me of any links or information you would like to see added, or of any links that may no longer be available.
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Below you'll find some of the files that we either frequently use, or may be of interest to our classmates or their parents!